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On this plane I drift and dream,

exploring places, sights unseen.

Imagination set alight,

new adventures, day and night!

For when I still and look deep inside,

consciousness swallows up my pride.

Present now, I'm feeling whole,

seeking a union with my soul.

Fantasies are given life,

my inner voice is causing strife.

Ego living pushed aside, 

as authenticity is the path I ride.

Spread my wings, and dare to fly,

raw uninhibited tears I cry.

Vulnerabilities present - each day reborn,

feeling free, I no longer mourn.

The past is such, lessons to learn, 

wisdom gained, the rest can burn.

I hear the calling, ears, eyes and heart open wide,

time to embrace, innerself confide.

Soaring forward, flying high,

I am like a bird, upward surge, riding the thermals in the sky.

Kim Simone

Tags: Eagles, poetry, wings

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